The seeker has to be very vigilant about one’s point of view, the things one seeks to visualise, and longs to cast their eye on. For, it is drishti (the view) that decides attachment, sorrow, passion, etc. You are the noblest being yet created, and so, you have to develop a sight that sees no high or low, that sees all as suffused with Divinity, and therefore, not different from one. Shankara declared, "Make your drishti charged with jnana (wisdom); then the seen will appear in its true light as Brahman." Such sight is called divine, supernatural, super-sensual and auspicious. Each body that you see before you is a mirror in which if only you open your eyes you can see the image of God. The God in you is in each of them too. Do not imagine the others to be distinct, they are only you, in so many mirrors. (Divine Discourse, Jul 29, 1969)
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