Birth as human is the final stage in the upward evolution of the 840,000 species of living beings. In previous lives, one may have been an insect, worm, bird or an animal and are perhaps now displaying those traits despite the presence of the divine qualities. For example, pride is not an innate human quality; it’s the natural trait of a buffalo. If you display pride, ask yourself, were you a buffalo in a previous life and are unable to shed this inherited quality? Some exhibit stupid stubbornness, which is a sheep’s quality, not a human trait. Sometimes some indulge in petty thefts, akin to a cat. Similarly, the vacillating and fickle nature displayed reminds a previous life as a monkey. Some are incurably ungrateful; indulge even in harming those who help them. The serpent is notorious, for emitting poison even when fed with milk. Isn’t it high time that you truly introspect within and promote beneficial human values in you? (Divine Discourse, Oct 10, 1983)
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