Man has to worship God in the form of man; God appears before him as a blind beggar, an idiot, a leper, a child, a decrepit old man, a criminal or a madman. You must see even behind those veils, the divine embodiment of love, power and wisdom, the Sai, and worship Him through selfless service. God cannot be identified with one Name and one Form. He is all Names and Forms. Your Names too are His, you are His Forms! You appear as separate individual bodies because the eye that sees them seeks only bodies, the outer encasement! When you sanctify your vision and look at them through the Atmic eye, the eye that penetrates behind the physical with all its attributes and appurtenances, then, you will see others as waves on the ocean of the Absolute, as "thousand heads, eyes and feet'' of the Supreme Being as it is sung in the Rigveda. Strive to win that Vision and to saturate yourself with that Bliss! (Divine Discourse, Apr 01, 1975)
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