From the 46 maxims of conduct: 38) Instead of searching for others’ faults, search for your own, uproot them, and throw them off. It is enough if you search and discover one fault of yours — that is better than discovering tens of hundreds of faults in others. 39) Even if you can’t or won’t do any good deed, don’t conceive or carry out any bad deed. 40) Whatever people may say about the faults that you know are not in you, don’t feel for it. As for the faults that are in you, try to correct them yourself, even before others point them out to you. Don’t harbour anger or bitterness against people who point out your faults; don’t retort, pointing out their faults, but show your gratitude to them. Trying to discover their faults is a greater mistake on your part. It is good for you to know your faults; it is no good for you to know others’ faults. (Sandeha Nivarini, Ch 7)
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