When rains pour on mountain peaks and water hurries down the sides, no river emerges therefrom! However, when waters flow in a single direction, then first a brook is formed, which later becomes a stream, possibly a torrent, and finally a flooded river. Now the rains reach the sea. So, water that runs in one direction reaches the sea but water that flows in four directions, soaks in and is lost. Mental tendencies (samskaras) are like this. Of what use are they if they merely come and go, one way to¬day and another way tomorrow? Use your hands to perform good deeds. Chant the Lord’s name during the practice of one’s duty (swadharma). With hands busy in selfless service (seva), let your mind be engrossed in namasmarana. The holy stream of good inborn desires must flow full and steady along the fields of holy thoughts and finally abide in the great ocean of bliss at the moment of death. Worthy indeed is the one who attains this goal! (Prema Vahini, Ch 28)
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