Making God into stone is the effort being made today! How can such effort lead to truth when the real task is to see the stone as God? First, the form of the Godhead has to be meditated upon and imprinted on the consciousness; then, that form has to be conceived within the stone and the stone forgotten in the process until the stone is transformed into God. In the same way, you have to imprint on your consciousness the basic dharma, the fundamental fact of Atma as the only entity; then, filled with that faith and vision, you have to deal with the manifold world of objects, its attractions and impingements. The ideal can be realised only thus. If this is done, there is no danger of the authentic meaning getting diluted or of Atma-dharma losing its lustre. What happens when a stone is worshipped as God? The unlimited, the ever-present, the all-pervading immanent entity, the Absolute, is visualised in the particular, in the concrete. Similarly, dharma that is universal, equal, and free can be spotted and tested in a single concrete act. - Dharma Vahini, Ch 2.
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