As our vision, so is the creation. Will not the colour of creation change based on the colour of glasses we wear? There have been and there are great masters now too who demonstrate to man the great heights one can attain, and also reveal the great power that is latent in the human body. Mind of man is often wasted wandering on things outside, criticising others and similar such activities. When one is always engaged in seeing faults in others, how can one attain ekagrata or one-pointedness? Ask yourself this question: When many valorous and great ones, who have physical bodies just like me, have attained such exalted status, why should my position be anything less? What do I gain in finding faults of others? I have to search within myself for my own faults and keep my mind under control – Making this firm resolve is the first step in spiritual practice. (Prema Vahini, Ch 3)
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