Om is the sound of the movement of stars in the firmament; it is the sound that manifested when the dawn of creative will stirred the Nirakara (the Attributeless) into activity. As a matter of fact, every little disturbance of equilibrium produces sound, however minute. The meeting of the eyelids when the eye winks results in sound, however faint. There are infinitesimally faint sounds which no ear can hear. So, you can understand that when the Elements originated and Creation started, the sound Om was produced. That sound is the primal, the primaeval One. When you are in the dual world, trying to overcome the duality, you identify 'Him' with 'yourself' by the japam of soham; when the 'I'-consciousness and the 'He'- consciousness disappear, you repeat only Om, that is to say, Soham minus Sah (He) and aham (I). That is the experience you need and you claim you crave for; but your activities and behaviour, your routine and road indicate that you are not sincere! - Divine Discourse, Nov 23, 1966.
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