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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

15th November 2019 

The fourth flower to be offered to God is kshama - tolerance or fortitude. Kshama is truth, righteousness, knowledge, sacrifice and joy. Without kshama none can be happy even for a single moment! Kshama promotes divine qualities and reveals Divinity within you. You must perform sadhana to earn it and establish yourself in it. Nourish the idea that God is equally present in all, in spite of ridicule from the ignorant and sarcastic criticism from the blind or even praise from admirers. The fifth flower is shanti - inner peace. Shanti does not mean that whatever others may say or however they abuse, one should not react at all. It does not mean that one must be silent as a rock. It involves mastery of all the senses and passions; inner peace must become one's nature. Shanti has detachment as the basic quality. The sea, which likes to gather and possess, lies low; the cloud that likes to renounce and give up is high in the sky. (Divine Discourse, Oct 06, 1981)

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