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February 23rd, 2006

This evening, Swami came out for Darshan at 3.30 p.m. Taking a full round, Swami got down near the interview room as usual, but then today He chose to get up from His chair and walk onto the dais. There was loud applause as He briskly walked with slight support, to the middle of the dais. He sat after a while on the sofa placed there.

Immediately, the representatives of the 10th and 12th class came forward with a huge card made for Swami. This evening, they were ready with their farewell programme. Bhagawan Blessed the card and the boys. At 3.40 p.m., He asked the Vedam group to stop chanting and the presentation by the School boys began.

The first group song was Kya Kush Naseeb Jo Sai Ko Paa Le... The presentation was aptly titled 'Dil Yahi Kehta Hai'. It was basically a couple of songs interspersed with conversations in English, Hindi and Telugu and at other times experiences shared by few students about how Swami had Blessed their family members. Some of the boys talked about the Hostel life and the lessons they learnt over there.

Songs like Teri Hein Zameen Tera Aasamaan.... Pyare Sai Hamare Dil Khol Dekho Ye Meraa... Kanula Mundara Kadali Aade Prema Moortive Neevu.... We Want To Be With You O Lord My Lord.... and a couple of other English songs burst forth from the hearts of all the students passing out of the portals of the School.

Towards the end, there was a multi lingual offering of gratitude to Bhagawan, winding up with the song Dil Yehi Kehta Hai Maa Sang Rahe Hara Dam Yahaan.... Each time a group song began, a few boys would go forward to Swami with cards and roses. Each time, Swami talked to them, asked them some questions filling their heart with thrill and Blessed them profusely!

Not just that, even when the intervening Telugu and Hindi conversations were presented by a pair of students, Swami would lift His Hand and Bless them with Abhaya Hasta as they concluded their part. Overall, it was a treat to all eyes. To see the Divine Mother pouring Her Love and Grace on all Her children!

The presentation came to a close at 4.30 p.m. A couple of boys went forward with trays containing different items for Blessings. Finally the Principal Sri Sivaramakrishnaiah Garu went to Swami to get some file Blessed. Surprisingly, Swami asked for the mike to be arranged. Lo and behold, our Lord had decided to Bless us all with a Divine Discourse - out of the blue! Immediately all the students rushed forward, to sit as close as possible to the dais and soak in His Divine Message.

The mike was arranged and Prof. Anil Kumar took his place. Swami stood up amidst applause and started speaking.

It is very nice to know that so many of you have been here from Primary School and have studied till your 12th class. It is very heartening to note that you have secured good marks and a good name. But in the Primary School your heart was full of compassion, love, feelings of caring and sharing. There was a feeling of brotherhood. But once you come to Higher Secondary School your behaviour and actions deteriorate. They become cheap and mean.

Your words are full of devotion and make all happy. But some of you have taken to the wrong path fostering a perverted mind. Think for yourself, how your minds are.

Human life is a combination of Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, Ahamkara and the Body. These five are most essential for liberation. Above all, the mind must not be polluted. You must never expect for that which does not belong to you. Be cautious with those things that do not belong to you. However, at this age such wisdom does not dawn on you. Whatever you see, you desire to own it, possess it. It is a type of madness.

Whatever you do, do it as an offering to Swami, to please Him. Tell yourself - this is not mine. Who am I? From the microcosm to the macrocosm, everything is Divine. From the mosquito to the elephant, all are Divine! The characters keep changing just as in a drama, but all roles are played by Him alone. All words and songs are His. Only the attire is different. Whatever is said and seen is all Divine.

But some of the boys are changing because of wicked thoughts and sights. Whatever you see, it is God only. Such sacred feelings itself is Mukti. All words must be sanctified. Without hurting others and without hurting yourself, without seeking for that which does not belong to you, you must experience the oneness in this world.

However, few madcaps do not think like this. You know about the Pandavas and the Kauravas. There was a war between them. Whose mistake was it? The feelings were different, experiences were different. Therefore, they started fighting and killed each other. Who are Vali and Sugriva? They are brothers. But they fought with each other out of selfishness. Though they loved Lord Rama they could not attain Him. At times, there were differences among the Pandava brothers too!

You may undertake penance (Tapas) day and night, but it will only turn into Tamas, unless the mind is turned towards God. Manas Ekam Cheyaali. Mind is God. Turn your mind towards God and He will become your very mind. Mana Eva Manushyaanaam Kaaranam Bandha Mokshayo. Direct your Buddhi - Intellect towards God and He will become your Buddhi. Fill your Chitta with God and He will become your Chitta. Chitta Shuddhi is most important. This is what every devotee prays for.

The Indriyas - senses are sparks of Divine. Sound, touch, sight, taste and smell are all Divine. The desire that arises in man is also Divine. True Love is not love for worldly people or objects. True Love is Love for God alone. Always keep this in mind - Sarva Karma Bhagavat Prityaartham. Do everything to please God. You may love an individual but let your focus be on the Divinity within him.

If at all you need to get angry be angry with yourself. In this world only the 5 elements exist, nothing else. There is nothing like the sixth sense. Even God does not have anything called sixth sense. The hand represents these five elements and the five senses. Does anybody have a hand with six fingers? Even if they are born like that, they immediately get it cut by the doctor.

Without controlling these five senses, thinking that there is some other God is the highest foolishness. First, control the five senses. You may ask, Is it possible Swami? If you determine, what is not possible? It is so easy. When you can attain God Himself, can you not control your five senses?

If you become a victim of these five senses, you will lose your humanity and become a Rakshasha. You may have your wife, children and desires. Nothing wrong in that. But do not see any differences. All are God. A child comes from the mother. It is truly God coming from God. Always feel that nothing belongs to me or you. All is Divine. Divinity is there even in sugar and in sand.

The whole Viswa is Viswarupa. Therefore, we must have Viswa Prema. Then only you can see God and be God. Differences and anger make you an animal. Animals do fight between themselves. But should we also fight like that? Whatever you do, it should be like gold. God is Hiranyagarbha. What is the specialty of gold? It remains as gold even if mixed with mud. You all are golden. But you have joined with the mud. To purify you all, noble people have to come and clean you. But you all entertain doubts. Why do doubts come? It comes because of the feeling of difference. I am different and you are different.

At this point, Swami beckoned to one student sitting in the first line. Pointing to him, Swami said, I know everything about everybody. But I act as though I do not know. Then Swami narrated the story of one student who had lost his mother when he was a young child. Since then, Swami had taken care of this boy and today he was doing his post graduate studies in Swami's college. Bhagawan then signalled for the boy and he came unto Swami. Bhagawan patted him and later materialized a green diamond ring and slid it onto his finger, saying that green stands for Kshema (welfare).

See, I know all about this boy's family. My true property is Love. I Love all, those whom I see and even those whom I do not. Even at times when I appear angry it is just that I am pretending to be angry. Iswara Sarva Bhootaanaam. It is with this Love that God takes care of this entire Universe. Various forms and names are attributed to God only to facilitate the devotee to pray to Him. Therefore, the names Lakshmi, Parvati, etc. Truly speaking each one of us is Iswara.

This handkerchief is Divine.
Saying so, Swami held the handkerchief in His Hand. This cloth has come from threads and the thread has come from cotton. Thus all have come from Divinity. God cannot be seen in any specific form such as Rama or Krishna. Anybody who says so is just imagining. Divinity is One. It is the devotee who keeps changing the form of his worship. But God never changes. He is changeless and eternal.

In essence, the one with all five elements is Divine. Mere Japam and Bhajans cannot take you to God. The mind is a monkey mind. Know the truth that the five elements themselves are manifestations of God.

Love is one, only the objects and relationships may be different. Consider all as your brothers and sisters. When you all come to Higher Secondary School, bad thoughts naturally come into your mind. But you must avoid this. Else you will fail. Not necessarily in the worldy way, but in Love. Of what use is a pass merely in this world.

Firstly, anger should be controlled. Everything depends on control. Control your capacities and feelings. All of you are golden. Your words are so sweet but behaviour of some is bitter. No, make that also sweet. Wherever you go, once you say you are Sai's children, you should be full of Ananda. Mere white dress is not enough. You must have a white mind and a white heart. Then only can you be ideal students. With such ideal students, I will always be there. Swami has been protecting so many people in so many ways. Nobody can understand this.

Truth is most important. Do not speak untruth. God is the true leader and pleader. He alone decides what is justice and injustice. Never forget God. Earn God's Grace. Distance yourself from bad qualities and you will find Swami will automatically come close to you. Just prayers and Bhajans is not enough to attain Divinity. Mind must be turned towards God and then God will become your mind. God will also become your intellect. He is indeed all your five senses. Follow this easy path and you will attain the gigantic Moksha. Moksha is nothing but Moha + Kshaya - Removal of attachment.

You see an aged beggar coming to you. He is God only. A king or a beggar - everybody is God. Surrender to God's Love. Study well with the feeling of making an offering to the Lord. Surely you will secure a 'I class'. Conduct yourselves in the same way as you did in the Primary School. In the Primary School there are no men teachers. Therefore, they have not taught you how to control your feelings. In the Higher Secondary School this is done with appropriate punishment and advice. Even small mistakes must be corrected. Remember, degrees alone cannot make you an educated individual. You must earn Divine Grace.

Swami concluded His Discourse at around 5.30 p.m. This evening, the best part of Swami's Discourse was that He stood perfectly well without showing any strain. Bhagawan's voice too was loud and clear just as it used to be a few years back. At the end, He concluded with the Bhajan - Hari Bhajna Bina Sukha Shanti Nahin and sang the song fully, which has become very rare now. Towards the end, He even started clapping with both His Hands for a while. This was something very grand and heartening for all of us to witness!

After this, He sat down, a few Bhajans went on and then Swami took Aarti at 5.45 p.m. and retired for the day.

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