Prasanthi Bulletin

January 8th 2005

This morning, both the Parthi and Anantapur Campuses had assembled in the grounds for March Past practice. At 8.30 a.m., as the sun was just getting hotter, Bhagawan came in the Prius Car to the grounds. Brother Satyajit was driving the car with Sri Balaram seated behind. After a few words with the Vice Chancellor, Swami instructed brother Satyajit to park the car. Bhagawan got down from the car. All boys and girls were standing in their positions for the March Past. As Swami got down from the car, His orange robe glittered in the shining sun and His hair swayed in sync with the soft breeze!! The whole place was charged with His powerful vibrations!! The command was given for the March Past to begin. Bhagawan stood for a while watching the squads march forward. Then He sat down on the sofa placed just in front of the Gents Gallery towards the stage corner.

After the Marching was over and all the students took their place for the pledge, the Gun Drill boys again came in today to present their item for the second time in the Divine Presence. Subsequently, the Torch Vehicle boys brought their mascot - the Divine Garuda - for His Divine feedback. The Garuda was still white and needed some final touches. Swami appreciated the bird and asked them to paint it green. The boys were a little hesitant and prayed to Swami to have it golden coloured as it would shine while gliding up the hill. Bhagawan agreed for the golden colour. As the Gun Drill came to a close, the Higher Secondary School students were ready in position to delight us with their wave formations. It was a fantastic presentation manifesting coordination and graceful movements of the highest order that can result only after disciplined practice of several days!

Meanwhile, the Warden showed Bhagawan an album containing the photographs of the newly constructed Dining Hall in the Senior Boys Hostel and prayed to Bhagawan to Bless it with His Presence. Swami saw the photos, smiled and said that He would see! It was 9.00 a.m. and Swami got up to leave for the Mandir. After some interaction with the Vice Chancellor, Swami got into the car. The Escorts Jeep and Bikes had all taken their position on the main road towards the Eswaramma School side. Beloved Bhagawan played one of His Divine Leelas!! He instructed brother Satyajit to take the other route, along the Chaitanya Jyoti side. Immediately, there was wonderful confusion! The Escort Jeep reversed and struggled to make way between the enthusiastic students to get in front of the car. The bikes zoomed back and crashed through the ground to make it in front of Bhagawan's car. Finally, all was fine as usual, and Bhagawan left the grounds leaving all with a sense of deep satisfaction and joy!!

You can see an illustrated version of happenings at Prasanthi Nilayam in the Prasanthi Diary of our monthly e-Journal Heart to Heart.

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