Prasanthi Bulletin

January 5th 2005

The first major function for this sacred year of the 80th Anniversary of the Avataar is coming closer - the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet of the SSSIHL. The practice sessions are on in full swing. The students were praying that Bhagawan should come to the Stadium and watch their rehearsal sessions. This evening, their prayers were answered. Our most compassionate Lord came in the car to the stadium much to their delight! It was an expected but yet a surprise visit with very short notice. An announcement was made in the Hostel and all boys ran to the stadium leaving all activities at the Hostel.

A chair was kept ready for Swami to the right of the Shanti Vedika stage on the grounds at a point where He could view the programmes if He wished to. After spending some time at the Primary School grounds, Bhagawan's car rolled into the stadium. As He approached closer, some event members got prepared to make their presentations. The car approached the stage area. The Gun Drill boys were ready to show their event to Bhagawan.

The Gun Drill is a novel item being presented for the first time in the Sports Meet. It is a drill performed by the Military Personnel in Singapore as part of 'Beating the Retreat'. It involves quick and rapid movements of the limbs and the body holding a rifle in the hand, in a highly coordinated fashion, projecting a display of grace through harmony.

Swami sat in the car itself that was halted in an inclined position between the stage and the Gents gallery on the main road. The Gun Drill boys performed very well. The coordination and harmony was fantastic!

After that event, the car took off and all boys ran as usual and stood on either side of the main road to have a glimpse of our Lord. Bhagawan's visit to the grounds charged all the students and staff alike and they got into their practice rounds once again with additional vigour and Josh!

January 6th 2005

Yesterday, Swami had indicated that He would come to the grounds the next day again. But, in the afternoon, it was indicated that there would be a programme in the Mandir. Bhagawan arrived just after 3 pm. He has been coming of late in the new Golf Cart. There was a backdrop arranged in the centre of the Kulwant Hall. It was a beautiful painting - a scenery of Krishna's House in Gokul, a very serene and soothing piece of art!

Bhagawan came and sat on the sofa. The Vedam stopped after a while. Then began the most beautiful Dance Drama entitled 'Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum', by the students of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Visakhapatnam. It was a professionally directed and produced dance ballet. The Lyrics and Direction was by M. S. Prakasa Rao and Choreography by Jagan.

The dance ballet depicted how Loving Krishna reveals the secret of His incarnation to Divine Mother Yasoda and the Gopikas, while enchanting them with his mischievous acts.

The ballet began with Yasoda searching for Krishna with her aides. Hearing her call of love, Krishna appears before her. Meanwhile, the Gopikas complain to Yasoda that Nandakumara has become a Navaneetachora! A butter-thief! How to question Krishna's misdeeds is a dilemna for Yasoda. Yasoda does not, even from the depth of her heart, want to punish or hurt Krishna. So, she carefully plans her dialogue with Krishna.

With all the sweetness of a Mother's love, she asks Krishna if the Gopikas were right in their complaint against Him. Krishna prefers to keep silent and pretends to be asleep. At this, Yasoda with a little anger, chides Him that because of His misdeeds, she has to bow her head before others. At this, Krishna reacts and teases Yasoda that she is blaming Him believing in some false complaints. He requests her to show at least a little love as a foster mother. This accusation brings tears into Yasoda's eyes and she declares that Krishna is everything for her in her life. The role of Krishna was played by a very young child and he/she danced so well that all of us were enraptured with the rhythm and grace. The songs were very melodious and meaningful and the music recording too was very professional.

Krishna declares that He had every right to be a Navaneetachora, because, He had protected the entire Gokulam by punishing Kaleeya, by killing the demons and by lifting the Govardhana Giri. At this point in the ballet, there were two sets on either side of the backdrop. On one side was a duplicate Krishna mounted on the Kaleeya and on the other side another Krishna lifting the mountain. The boards covering these sets were dropped all of a sudden, and the sets came into full view coinciding with the lyrics of the song. There was thunderous applause.

Finally, the young little Krishna declares that He incarnates in every age to punish the guilty and the evil, to revive Dharma and to shower Divine Love and Grace on humanity. He proclaims that in Kaliyuga, the Jamuna would become Chitravati, the Gokulam would be Puttaparthi, the Gopalas and Gopikas would form the devotees, and He Himself would advent as Sri Sathya Sai!! Instantly, there was loud applause from the devotees!

The ballet concluded with Yasoda and the Gopikas realizing Krishna as the Lord of the Universe and with singing and dancing His Glory!! The dance was performed very well. All dancers were dancing so spontaneously with a sense of ease and naturality. Especially, the little lad/lass who danced as Krishna was par excellence! Swami called him/her in front. The Chinni Krishna went to Swami. Bhagawan created a gold chain and put it around the neck of the child!! After that, all the participants got group photographs with Swami. Swami even stood up from His chair to pose for the photographs! The children were delighted!!

The programme concluded with Aarti and Prasadam distribution to all. It was 3.50 p.m. Bhagawan went towards the interview room and the students dispersed to the Hostel for their event practice. Even as they were reaching the Hostel premises, they got the information that Bhagawan had started for the Hill View Stadium, so they took their positions at the stadium.

Bhagawan's car parked again at the same place like the previous day. This evening, even as He was coming along the straight stretch of the road towards the stage, Swami was watching the Roller Blades boys performing on their massive U-structure. Roller Blades forms one major event of the Prasanthi Nilayam programme and a massive U-shaped metal structure has been installed in the corner of the ground facing the Ladies gallery.

After the car was halted, the Carabining students, who call themselves 'the Hawks' started their presentation. One Hawk glided down at full speed right from halfway up the hill, above Zoroaster's statue, right to the centre of the ground. Carabining as you may know is the technique of sliding down a rope - held in tension - from a great height, with the help of a pulley.

This time, the Carabining is of a very novel type. Whereas, one end is anchored tightly at the top of the hill (halfway up), the other end is mobile and is tied to a tractor that can be parked anywhere in the stadium. There are few boys who can brake the speed of the carabiner and slow down his landing, by mere pulling of the ropes. Special coaches from Singapore were training the boys for Carabining as well as for Roller Blades.

After the Carabining event, the Wheels Display commenced. This is similar to the Prasanthi Wheels that the Prasanthi Nilayam campus had performed a few years back. Bhagawan was keenly observing the performance from the car - but with the window glass closed!! After the Wheels, the Shiva Tandava dance boys got into their position. The Parthi Campus is going to open its presentation this year with a Shiva Tandava dance. The participants (including Shiva and Parvati) were lucky to perform the whole piece in the Divine Presence! The next item to be presented was a Stick Dance by the School boys. However, as they started, Bhagawan's car also started and He was off on His way to the Mandir!!

Once again, Swami had pumped in enthusiasm and inspiration in the hearts of all the students. Was it not that one glance and one smile for which all these efforts were being put in!! What else could one have asked for?

January 7th 2005

This evening again, Bhagawan came very unexpectedly to the grounds. Brother Satyajit was driving the car and Swami was expectantly looking for the Carabining boys. However, they had just retired for the day as the Anantapur campus students were getting ready to take up their slot for practice. The Brindavan students are arriving tomorrow and then the whole of Parthi will be bustling with hectic activity marking the eve of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet.

Thus everything goes on as usual at Prasanthi Nilayam. Nothing changes. The same Bhagawan, the same involvement, the same interest, the same Love!! As it is said, the Lord is the Still Point in the Turning World!!

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