You may acquire knowledge of the natural sciences, of all arts and crafts, of literature and music, dance and painting and every conceivable type of worldly knowledge but all of it will not give you peace or bliss if you do not have knowledge of the Self. Worldly knowledge may bring you fame and prosperity. But only Atma Jnana can confer the peace that passeth understanding. Atma Jnana is that which reveals the unity in multiplicity, the eternal in the perishable. One who has attained Atma Jnana is all-knowing. Tarati sokam Atmavith (the knower of the Self overcomes sorrow), says the Upanishad. All worldly knowledge is concerned with sustaining life. When knowledge of the Spirit which is the basis of all other knowledge of the sciences and the arts is acquired, it is easy to get any kind of knowledge. When communion with the Divine, who is the source of all knowledge, power and wisdom, is established, one has access to every kind of knowledge. - Divine Discourse, Oct 06, 1986.
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