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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

29th January 2022 

What is the immortal part of man? Is it the wealth he has accumulated, the residences he has built, the physique he has developed, the health he has acquired, or the family he has reared? No, all that he has done, developed or earned are not going to last; he has to leave them all to the ravages of time. He cannot take with him even a handful of earth, the earth he loved so much. Discover the immortal 'I' and know that it is the spark of God in you; live in the companionship of the vast measureless Supreme and you will be rendered vast and measureless. When you hold a currency note in your hand and say proudly, “This is mine" that note laughs at you, for, it says, "O, how many thousand people have I known, who have prided themselves like this!" The body is but a tent; don't fondle that delusion. Pine for the dehi (indweller), He who resides therein and makes it active, makes it ponder and enables you to act. - Divine Discourse, Apr 06, 1965.

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