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How it all Began ...

It all began with a visit of Dr. Noah Samara, Chairman and CEO of WorldSpace, to Bangalore some time in September 2001. While in Bangalore, Dr. Samara heard about Swami's Super Speciality Hospital. He just could not believe that a Tertiary Care Hospital offered treatment completely free; he had to see it for himself and convince himself that indeed there was such a hospital on the face of the earth. He went, he saw and he was bowled over. Inevitably he made the pilgrimage to Prashanthi Nilayam, and on the spot offered free a radio channel on AsiaStar.

Hectic preparations followed and on 23rd November 2001, Dr. Michael Nobel, Member of the WorldSpace Board, formally offered the radio channel to Swami. Speaking on that occasion Dr. Nobel said that if Swami's Mesage of Love could reach so far and wide by sheer word of mouth, how much farther would be the reach via a 24-hour radio service. On Dr. Nobel's request Swami pressed a button; and presto, the huge Birthday crowd in Sai Kulwant Hall heard the specially recorded Inaugural Program. Yes, Radio Sai was now a reality, sharing the same Birthday as the one whose voice it carried.

It was then a small step; since then, with Bhagawan's Grace, Radio Sai has made big leaps!