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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

17th July 2019 

(1) Silence is the first step in sadhana. It promotes self-control; lessens chances of anger, hate, malice, greed, pride and makes other steps easy. Besides, you can hear His footsteps, only when silence reigns in your mind. (2) Cleanliness: It’s the doorway to Godliness. Inner and outer cleanliness are essential to install God in your heart. (3) Service: It saves you from the agony you get when another suffers; broadens your vision, widens your awareness, and deepens your compassion. All waves are on the same sea and merge in the same sea. Seva anchors this knowledge. (4) Pure Love: Never calculate the reaction, result or reward. Love calls; love responds. Love is God, live in Love. (5) Hatelessness: No being must be looked down upon as secondary, inferior, unimportant, or expendable. Each has its allotted role in the drama designed by the Almighty. Never insult or injure any being; for, God lives in every being and your slight becomes a sacrilege! (Divine Discourse, Jul 19, 1970)

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