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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

12th December 2017 

Millions recite the Lord’s Name, but few have steady faith! Fewer seek the bliss (Ananda) that contemplation on the glory of God within, the Atma, can confer. Some people complain that recitation (japam) has not cured their pain, grief or greed! It is because they mechanically recite prayers and meditate out of habit or for social conformity or to gain reputation for religiousness! When people who have learnt the precious scriptures revealing Atma-vidya (science of the Self) do not put into practice what they repeat orally and have no faith in the assertions, what profit can they get from it? The canker of doubt has undermined their reverential attitude to the scripture. They devalue the scriptures into money-or-fame-earning devices, and when they do not get money or fame through them, they are disappointed. They envy those who follow secular avocations. But if they only develop faith, scriptures themselves will foster them and ensure for them a happy and contented life. (Divine Discourse, Feb 23, 1968)

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