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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

29th September 2016 

One may have acquired a lot of knowledge and spent one’s entire life in education but what is the use of this if one’s mean qualities have not been shed. You may spend a lot of time and learn many things but it will only make you argumentative. By education of such type, you can never acquire complete wisdom. Today the entire life of many people is dedicated to simply imitating others. Many students are destroying their own ideas and individuality and are getting addicted to the process of imitating others. Divyatma Swarupas, if you desire the security, safety and the wellbeing of your country, then it is essential for you to develop three things! They are: service to the country, sacrifice without being selfish, and devotion to spirituality. There is a great need to train young people who have a strong determination in this regard. (Summer Roses on Blue Mountains 1976, Ch 13)

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