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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

16th September 2014 

Dakshah is the quality of having firm determination to perform pure actions. The determination should be confined to actions that are pure, helpful to others and that sublimate you. At all circumstances, you must choose to act in a good manner and strictly refrain from any impure act. A person who can accomplish this is called Dakshah, and is very dear to the Lord. Udaseenah means the freedom from attachment. It means remaining serene and unruffled by fame or blame, peace or sorrow, loss or gain, pleasure or pain, not elated by prosperity or depressed by failure. You must never succumb to calumny, nor should you exult over fame. Fame and blame are like passing clouds; they must be treated the same. If you take them seriously, they will give rise to agitations in the mind, which may lead to demonic tendencies. Any devotee who possesses these sacred virtues is very dear to the Lord. (Divine Discourse, August 30, 1993)

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