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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

7th December 2016 

Culture is universal in its scope and significance. We should not claim and contend that Indian culture is superior to all the other cultures of the world. Instead, we should have firm faith in the injunctions like: a) “All are one. Be alike to everyone.” b) “Together we shall live. Together we shall move. Together we shall grow in splendour. Together we shall live in amity and harmony, without conflict and skirmish.” We should foster the noble sentiments expressed in vedic statements of this kind. Unfortunately, the educational institutions of today do not nourish these noble sentiments in students. They are purely academically oriented and disregard the finer values of life. Secular learning should be coupled with spirituality. It is only such a harmonious blend of the secular and the spiritual that would lend beauty and radiance to life. We should not learn merely to fill our bellies but also to fill our hearts with bliss. The food eaten fills only the stomach but does not fill the mind, but spiritual food fills the mind and gives eternal Bliss. (Ch 1, Summer Roses on Blue Mountains 1996)

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