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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

23rd September 2018 

When you touch a hot iron ball, you say that your hand is singed by it. But it is not the ball that burnt your hand. The fire present within the ball scorched your hand. The world, like the iron ball, is not the cause either for the pain or the pleasure you experience. You wail over your sufferings and difficulties only because you do not recognise the Divine power present within you! Sunlight illuminates the entire world and helps the people to carry out their tasks. But Sun has nothing to do with the pleasure and pain of human beings. Hence, the problems you face are related only to your senses and your mind; your consciousness has nothing to do with them. The innumerable worldly affairs you indulge in can give you ephemeral pleasures and never true, everlasting bliss. Develop your inner vision. To experience real joy, purify your feelings and cultivate unwavering and selfless intellect. (Divine Discourse, Mar 5, 2000)

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