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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

21st February 2018 

People earn much wealth and various degrees, but where is the defect? Many think that wealth causes all evil things, and degrees are detrimental. No, both of them are faultless. Water is pure and sweet, but when stored in a red coloured bottle, water appears to be red and when stored in purple bottle, it appears purple. From where did the colours appear? The individual is the bottle; bad or good is reflection of the individual attributes. If the individual is rajasic or passionate, then the wealth and education become useless. If the individual is of satwic or noble nature, then the actions and education would become noble too. Therefore the heart must be pure. In this context it is said: Chitta suddhi leni Shiva pooja yetiki? - What is the use of worship of Shiva (God) without purity of the heart? Atma sudhdhi leni acharamadiyela? - What is the use of rituals without purity of the individual? Patra sudhdhi leni pakamela? - How can one cook pure and delicious food without cleanliness of the vessels? (Divine Discourse, Apr 04, 1992)

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