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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

25th January 2015 

The greatness of an individual depends on the cultural perfection attained. ‘Culture’ does not connote mere diligence. It means the removal of evil thoughts and propensities, and the promotion of good thoughts and qualities. It is important that young students live a life characterised by peace and self-control so that they will have a peaceful and contented life later as a citizen. Human life is comparable to a tree and the kinsmen of the individual to its branches. On these branches the flowers of thoughts and feelings blossom. These flowers gradually develop into fruits of good qualities and virtues. The nectarine juice present in these fruits is character. Without roots and fruits, a tree is mere firewood. Self-confidence is the root of the tree of life and character, its fruit. With the hope that you will all become exemplary citizens, purify your hearts and reform society, I bless you all. (Summer Showers, Jan 1979, Ch 1)

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