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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

23rd August 2014 

A scabbard is a sheath for the sword. Rice is sheathed in a husk. A tamarind seed is sheathed by tamarind pulp, which in turn is sheathed by the outer shell. Thus when one thing hides another thing and its identity, it is called as a Sheath. Every human body is made up of five sheaths – The Annamaya (food) Kosha sheath covers the Pranamaya (life) Kosha. Pranamaya sheath covers Manomaya (mind) Kosha, which in turn covers Vijnanamaya (intellect) Kosha. The Anandamaya (bliss) Kosha is the kernel hidden in Vijnanamaya Kosha, wherein the soul resides. Thus the Divine Soul is safely secured within each being without exception. Hence, everyone has the equal right and opportunity to seek the soul within them. But then one has to feel an urge to attain it and direct their activities towards it. By birth, the urge to attain and experience the Atmic status has been gifted to everyone, automatically.( My Dear Students, Vol 2, Ch 16, July 23, 1989)

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