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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

20th August 2019 

The tongue may utter the Name of the Lord, your ears may be open when the glory of the Lord is recited, your hands may scatter flowers on the image of God, but does your tongue know or relish its taste? Does the ear yearn? Does the hand hanker for the Lord? The result of your spiritual practices can be experienced only when your heart is aware of the Supreme and when your mind is thrilled when the glory of God is recollected. Otherwise it is like the spoon which dips into sour and sweet with equal alacrity and insensitivity. It does not refuse or relish any taste! Read Vedanta or sacred texts or scriptures earnestly and practice them, then it will become part of your daily living, conduct and character. One’s claim to be a devotee of the Lord, a votary of the Highest, can be admitted only if your passions and emotions are pure, noble and your character virtuous. (Divine Discourse, Mar 23, 1966)

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