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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

10th February 2014 

It is necessary to fill the room where you live or study with a Satwik atmosphere. The pictures or objects you see must be filled with peaceful and loving thoughts. Objects that arouse agitation and bad thoughts should have no place in your living area. The room must be clean and free from anything that is impure. Along with a clean room, your thoughts and feelings must be pure. Only then you can get the full benefit of a clean room and a good family. If you must develop Satwik feelings, your vision must be pure. All creation (srishti) is based upon your sight (drishti). It is only when you have wrong vision that you develop wrong thoughts. With pure thoughts, you will naturally have pure feelings. Never make any mistake or offence that you will not tolerate if others do unto you. (Divine Discourse, “My Dear Students”, Vol 2, Chapter 3)