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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

20th April 2017 

Ignorance can be cured only by knowledge; darkness can be destroyed only by light. No amount of argument, threat or persuasion can compel darkness to move away. A flash of light is enough to destroy years of darkness! The light is already there in you. But since it is heavily overladen by repressing factors, it cannot reveal itself. Prepare yourself for that flash of illumination! Everyone must achieve it, whether one is striving for it now or not. It is the inevitable end to everyone’s struggles, the goal to which every being, knowingly or unknowingly is proceeding. Do not be afraid of reaching the goal of liberation (Moksha). Do not conceive that stage as a calamity. Liberation indeed is the end of all calamities. It is death to all grief - grief that you will be born again. It is the birth of joy, a joy that knows no decline! (Divine Discourse, 19 Feb 1964)