Most people engage in bhajan singing, puja and dhyana (ritualistic worship and meditation) but these are mere physical exercises! Ask yourself sincerely - is your mind elevated as a result of these? Does your heart pour through during your worship? No! Hence you continue to remain at the human level and do not rise to the Divine. “Can a lake be filled when there is only a sprinkle of rain? Can thirst be relieved, with a few drops of water? Can the belly be full, if breathing is held tight? Can live cinders be secured by the burning of blades of grass?" asks a famous poet. Logs have to be burned if charcoal is needed. Only sheets of rain can fill a lake to the brim. A glass of cold water alone can cure a person of thirst, nothing less. The heart has to be offered in full. Devotion has to fill and overflow the heart, for you to rise into Divinity! (Divine Discourse, Jan 8, 1983)