The power of divine name is unparalleled. People often take it lightly. They mistake a shining glass piece to be a diamond. The real diamond is very different! What is that ‘real diamond’? ‘Die mind’ - God’s name is the real diamond! So, keep it safe and secure and seek refuge at the Lotus Feet of the Lord! You are most fortunate to participate in Akhanda Bhajan. It is a great opportunity. Never miss the opportunity of participating in Bhajans. If only you make good use of it, your life will be sanctified. Once you seek refuge in Him, never give it up. Wherever you go, the divine feet will protect you! Install the divine name firmly in your heart, your life will become sanctified. That is devotion (Bhakti). That is your power (Shakti). That is liberation (Mukti). The Global Akhanda Bhajan is held every year to remind you and rekindle this spirit! (Divine Discourse, Nov 13, 2007)
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