Do not get elated at the riches, status, authority, or the intelligence which you are bestowed with. Consider them as signs of His grace, opportunities of service, and symbols of responsibility given to you on trust, so that you may benefit others. Never seek to exult over others' faults; deal empathetically with others’ shortcomings and mistakes. Always seek the good in them, hear only good tidings about them and never give ear to scandal. Detachment confers fearlessness and gives strength and courage, for, it is desire that weakens you and makes you cringe before those in authority and with influence. Detachment endows you with self-respect, the capacity to stand up to slander and calumny. Some weep at the slightest sign of defeat or disappointment. This is despicable behaviour. Why should you have fear or sorrow, with the Lord installed in the altar of your heart? He is in all beings, at all times. Do you not know He is there, guarding you and guiding you? [Divine Discourse, Oct 24, 1965]
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