Life must be spent in accumulating and safeguarding virtue, not riches. Listen and ruminate over the stories of the great moral heroes of the past, so that their ideals may be imprinted on your hearts. Nowadays, virtue is becoming rare in the individual, family, society and community, as well as in all fields, be it economic, political and even 'spiritual’. So also, there is a decline in discipline, which is the soil on which virtue grows. Respect one and all. Unless each one is respected, whatever be their status, economic condition, or spiritual development, there can be no peace and happiness in life. This respect can be aroused only by the conviction that the same atma (Self) that is in you is playing the role of the other person. See that atma in others, feel that they too have hunger, thirst, yearning and desires as you have; develop sympathy and the anxiety to serve and be useful. (Divine Discourse, Feb 22, 1968)
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