Pure love is like a well-paved, one-way road with no speed breakers. You can rush along it to God at whatever speed you want. Rivers also illustrate this principle. All rivers speed down from mountains. They flow fast and swift to somewhere. Where to? To the ocean. In the process, they go over boulders and rocks, skilfully avoiding obstacles on the way. They never stop, but keep moving all the time towards the goal. Life must be a river rushing towards the ocean called God. The flow should never stop or falter. Overcoming all obstacles, you must keep rushing towards God. That must be the characteristic of your spiritual journey. Be strong-willed, resolute, determined, and sincere. There should be no room whatsoever for despair, depression or weakness of any sort. Correct your vision and what you hear, introspect your thoughts and feelings, and ensure your actions are noble and good. Then, you will experience nothing but bliss. (Divine Discourse, May 21, 2000)
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