Offer to God the flower of sense control (indriya nigraha). All spiritual practices will prove futile if you lack sense control. Lack of sense control is the main cause of all the unrest and agitation that you find in the world today. How can you control the senses? First, you should exercise control over the tongue. You must control your tongue as it always craves for a variety of delicacies. Ask this question, “O tongue, how many bags of rice, wheat and vegetables have you devoured! How many delicacies have you consumed! Fie on you if you are still not satisfied!” Eat only to satisfy your hunger and sustain the body. Do not give undue importance to taste. Likewise, tell your eyes to see God instead of watching unsacred things on the television or media. Teach your ears to listen to the stories of the Lord instead of listening to vain gossip. (Divine Discourse, Aug 22, 2000)
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