Sage Narada, who had mastered the many sciences and arts, could not secure the supreme bliss that comes from peace of mind. Troubled by this lack of peace he approached the sage Sanatkumara and asked him what was the cause of his condition. The sage asked Narada what were his accomplishments. Narada told the sage that he was proficient in all the Vedas and Vedantas and had mastered the sixty-four different sciences including the training of elephants and the rearing of cows. Laughing within himself, sage Sanatkumara asked: “Are these your only accomplishments? Oh Narada, without knowing who you are, what is the use of knowing all other things?" People make various attempts to understand everything in the world. But no one makes any effort to understand oneself. An enormous amount of time is spent on understanding other things, but man cannot find the time to know himself. Whatever one's scholarship, intelligence or position, one cannot have peace of mind and happiness if one does not know the real Self. (Divine Discourse, Sep 3, 1990)
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