Embodiments of Love! God does not expect you to perform rituals nor study the scriptures. All that He desires from you is eight types of ‘flowers’. The flower of ahimsa (nonviolence) is the first of the eight flowers you should offer to God. Nonviolence means not causing harm to any living creature in thought, word or deed. Doctors perform surgeries on patients to cure them of their ailments. During surgery, doctors cut the body with a knife. You cannot call it an act of violence because it is beneficial to the patient. Some people argue that even cutting vegetables is an act of violence because the vegetables and trees have life in them. No doubt, vegetables and trees have life, but they do not have the mind. Consequently, they do not suffer any pain. One with the mind experiences pain and pleasure. Humans, animals, birds and insects are endowed with the mind, not the trees and vegetables. (Divine Discourse, Aug 22, 2000)
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