This year is named vikari (crooked)! So be warned! Do not run after devious desires or crooked satisfac¬tions. All roads leading to the realm of the senses are tortuous and blind; only the road that leads to God is straight. Cultivate the attitude of transparency and straightforwardness in everything. That will reveal the Atma. Straightforwardness will en-able you to overcome the impact of three qualities (gunas) on your mind. The treatment you have to give these qualities is to grind them to a paste so that a new taste of bliss (ananda) might emerge, just as you grind salt, chillies, and tamarind together to get a tasty chutney for your meal! No single quality should dominate; all must be tamed and diverted to fill the lake of bliss in your heart, ananda. How do you know you are successful in your effort? If your inner poise or inner equilibrium is undisturbed by external ups and downs, that is real success. (Divine Discourse, Apr 12, 1959)
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