Today there is no love between elders and youngsters in the home; children do not revere parents. This moral decline will undermine unity and strength. Moral decline is worse than military decline; it will lead to greater disaster. If you always meditate on ‘mine and me’, how can you be useful to others? Sacrifice is the 'salt' of life; it’s the secret to peace and joy. 'Go' means the senses; so, the name 'Go-pala' (one of God’s names) means, he who controls the senses. And, why should they be controlled? So that they may not stand in the way of sacrifice. All the senses are self-centred and egoistic. They must be educated to be inward-directed, towards the Universal Atma. That is gained by entrusting the senses to Gopala (God). Everyone must pass through sat-karma or good deeds, into the realm of expanding Love and from Love, learn the lesson of sacrifice, dedication and surrender to the one Overlord. (Divine Discourse, 27-Mar-1965)
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