Today people talk harsh words which hurt the feelings of others. If you see inappropriate sights, listen to bad talk, and indulge in unholy activities, you are investing time in activities which ultimately ruin you. When you misuse your senses, how can you expect to be happy and healthy? In order to enjoy perfect health, you must make sacred use of your senses. You may be a pauper or a millionaire, but God has given each one of you five senses and a heart (hridaya). Make proper use of them and sanctify your lives. That heart which is filled with compassion (daya) is hridaya. As you think, so you become (Yad bhavam tad bhavati). In order to sanctify your senses, you should utilise them in the service of others. If you cannot undertake any service activity, at least speak softly and sweetly. You cannot always oblige, but you can speak always obligingly. [Divine Discourse, Jan 19, 2002]
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