When you suspect the strength of the foundation of a house, you are afraid to enter it; when you suspect the skill of the manufacturer, you are nervous to ride in the car. The present times have become an age of fear, anxiety and ashanti (absence of peace) because people do not have deep faith in the Creator. Bhishma, Shankara and other Jnanis (wise ones) knew that the Lord is the basis (Aadhara) for all creation and had no fear at all. In recent times, Mahatma Gandhi relied on the Lord's Grace and His Might and won freedom for the Nation. Know that the Lord is the unseen foundation on which your life is built. He is your source, sustenance and strength. Without His Will, no leaf can turn, no blade of grass can quiver. What firmer foundation can you desire than this? Having known the Lord, the Omnipotent Power as the mainspring of your life, you should not fear any more! (Divine Discourse, Dec 8, 1964)
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