When we spend so much time and effort to understand the contents of our scriptures, should we not use all that knowledge to understand and experience the Divinity in us? To merely read and then teach others without putting them into practice in your life is an useless occupation – you are wasting your time and life as well! What you really need is the grace of God. In the present times, there is too much confusion. To overcome this, handle your mind very steadily and slowly, and bring it under your control. Never be in a hurry and use force to control the mind. If a cow in our home wants to go out and eat the harvest in the field, how is it tamed and brought back? We try to find out the kind of food that it is after and feed it with something even better at home. Gradually, it gives up the tendency to go out of the house. Tame your mind similarly! (Summer Showers in Brindavan 1973, Ch 27)
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