The great spiritual masters like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Tulsidas, and so on led supremely contented lives. There were numerous occasions when they would not even get food to eat. They regarded such occasions as invitations by God to observe fasting (upavasam); for them this was food for their Spirit. Through contemplation of God, they enjoyed such fasts. Whenever they were entertained to a rich feast, they considered that too as a gift from God. Whether it was a fast or feast, they looked upon both with the same sense of contented acceptance. They were not depressed by the former or elated by the latter. ‘Equal-mindedness is yoga’ (Samatvam yogamuchyate), says the Gita. The ancient sages practised this virtue. Equal-mindedness is the index of contentment. And this should be taught to our young people and cultivated by them. One who has achieved contentment can enjoy the bliss of Divine grace. (Divine Discourse, Feb 19, 1987)
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