Our journey is from the individual to the Universal, from 'Swa' (mine) to 'So-ham' (oneness with God), from 'I' to 'we'. The effulgent Sun can be seen only with its own light. Similarly only by the grace of the Divine can one obtain a vision of the Divine. No skill, intellectual effort or scholarship is required to experience the Divine. Just as clouds may obscure the Sun, the clouds of egoism, attachment and hatred prevent one from seeing the Divine. Prayer and sadhana are the means by which these clouds are dispersed. Sadhana (spiritual discipline) is the royal road to reach the Divine. The human make-up is a mixture of good and bad traits. One in whom the good traits predominate, tends to see only the good in others. Those who have equal-mindedness see the good and bad qualities impartially. It is necessary therefore to cultivate good qualities. (Divine Discourse, Feb 11, 1983)
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