You have come from God, a spark of His Glory, a wave of that Ocean of Bliss; you will be peaceful only when you again merge in Him. Like a child who has lost his way, you can have joy only when you rejoin your mother. The ocean drop rose as vapour, joined the congregation called cloud, fell on the earth, flowed along the ravines, and at last reached the ocean. Start on that journey and travel quick and light. It is in Sanatana Dharma that the importance of karma in shaping one’s destiny, the fact of the individual undergoing many births towards birthlessness, and the mighty Grace of God's coming as Avatar to gather around Him in holy companionship individuals for saving them and saving the world through them, is so strongly and clearly laid down. Doubt in any of these great truths will lead to sure suffering and grief. Every one of you must be saved, sooner or later, by the Grace of the All-Merciful. Make it sooner rather than later. Keep the goal clear before the eye and march on. (Divine Discourse, Oct 17, 1966)
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