The story of Rukmini Kalyana is not simply the story of a marriage. It is the union of Purusha (Supreme Spirit) with Prakriti (creation, objective world). Rukmini is the individual self (jiva), and Krishna is the Supreme Self (Paramatma). Rukmini suffered from the rules and restrictions imposed by the objective world; egoism is her brother and worldliness is her father. Just think of this fact: Rukmini never met Krishna before - her soul yearned for the Lord intensely. With earnest good conduct, she sought refuge in God. Her parents, brother and all relatives objected, but every individual is born to work out their destiny, not to act a role in someone else’s drama. Each one is born to serve their own sentence and in the end, they are free. Nobody remains in prison on the pretext that a dear comrade is still in! Rukmini’s prayers, repentance, yearning, and steadfastness were amply rewarded and the Lord rushed to accept her! (Divine Discourse, Oct 28, 1963)
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