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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

1st October 2016 

Happiness and peace are not to be found in wealth, position or power. All these generate only fear and anxiety and not peace and happiness. Today even highly educated persons do not recognise this truth, but pose as devotees. Hiranyakashipu tried all possible methods to divert his son, Prahlada from being devoted to God. The child was subjected to every conceivable torture and ordeal. Unafraid, disregarding his perverse father, Prahlada held fast to the Lord, and his devotion to the Lord saved him. Prahlada declared, "He alone is a true father who leads the child to realise God." There is nothing great about being a father. No father should rejoice when a child is born. Only when people praise the virtues of his child can the father rejoice over his child’s birth. A righteous child redeems oneself and the family. Verily, they alone are good parents who bring up virtuous children. (Divine Discourse, 6 May 1992)

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