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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

30th November 2015 

When you desire to transform a silver statue into a Krishna idol, you cannot succeed by simply covering the silver idol with a cloth and uncovering it after a few seconds! You have to break the statue into pieces, melt the bits and pour the silver into the Krishna mould! So too when you yearn to transform yourself into Divine, you must break the pieces with the help of the attitude of detachment, melt them in the fire of wisdom (jnana), and pour your mind into the mould of devotion. Then the entire consciousness takes on the Divine Name, Form and Substance. Then, whatever is spoken or done or thought assumes the splendour and purity of the Divine. Remember, nothing will please God more than rigorous adherence to righteousness (Dharma). You can stick to the path of Dharma only if you are conscious of the Divine in everything that you see or hear, touch or taste. [Divine Discourse, Nov 1970]

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