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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

1st November 2014 

The body is made up of five elements and is not real at any time. Body is like a water bubble. The bubble is born in water, sustained in water and ultimately merges in the water. Similarly the Self is born from Divine Consciousness (Sachidananda) and merges ultimately in the Divine. Birth and death are scenes in this drama of life; do not consider them to be true. In your sleep you may have seen many mansions, but when you are awake, you don’t see any of them! The buildings you see during your day are not visible to you when you are asleep. Hence both are untrue – day-dreams and night-dreams at best! The only fact in it is that ‘you’ are present in both times. Similarly though you have a human form, in reality you are Divine. Therefore sanctify this birth by leading a pure and sacred life. Don’t accumulate the dirt of worldly life.

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