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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

24th July 2016 

Form a satsang (holy company), where you meet and exchange truths and virtuous talk, where you study holy books and discourses on the glory of God. Why waste precious time in scandals about others and criticisms of others' behaviour? Cultivating envy, malice, hatred and anger against others is an evil pastime that recoils on oneself. In everyone there is resident the self-same divine spark; so caviling at another is tantamount to caviling at Divinity. The game of life is worth playing and becomes interesting only when there are bounds and rules which limit and control. Imagine a game of football without any rules or bounds for the field. It will be chaos; it will be a free fight; it will be a riot. No one can say who wins and how. Righteousness (Dharma) and Divinity (Brahma) are the boundaries of the field. The virtues fight against the vicious tendencies. Play the game, paying heed to the warnings of ‘foul’ and ‘out’! (Divine Discourse, Anantapur High School for Girls, School Day, 1966)

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