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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

24th May 2016 

You should never undertake to discuss the good and bad in others. If you entertain bad qualities in your mind, it will lead you to a bad path and you will surely fall. People who entertain bad ideas will certainly be destroyed in course of time despite any amount of wealth or knowledge that they may possess. An individual, who endeavours to keep away the bad in oneself and attempts to promote the good, will make real progress. If you use a thousand eyes for locating the faults in others and spend all your time in this process, your heart will get impure and will develop bad ideas. Our heart is like a camera lens. The object on which we concentrate our attention gets imprinted on the mind. Youth and elders alike should try to see that qualities like jealousy, hatred and lack of forbearance never enters their minds. [Divine Discourse, Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1974, Vol 1, Ch 2]

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