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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

1st September 2014 

A young college student can roam free on his two legs; when he marries, he becomes four-footed! A child makes him six-footed; now the range of his movements is restricted. The more the feet, the less the speed, the stronger their grip on the ground; a centipede can only crawl. More hurdles, more handicaps. Accumulation of sofas, chairs, cots, tables and shelves clutter the hall and render movements slow and risky. Attachment brings sorrow in its wake; at last, when death demands that everything be left behind and everybody be deserted, you are overpowered with grief! Be like the lotus on water; on it, not in it. Water is necessary for the lotus to grow; but it will not allow even a drop to wet it. The objective world is the arena of virtue and the gymnasium for the spirit. But use it only for that purpose; do not raise it to a higher status and adore it as all-important. (Divine Discourse, May 15, 1969)

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